We had our first conference on June 8 - 10, 2012 in Jefferson City, TN

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Tennessee Testimonies

There are a lot of thoughts, emotions, and reflections I come away with from this weekend. Some are personal, some are small, and some are still vague  but one unmistakably clear thing was God’s presence and grace throughout the weekend. To just be in the midst of His grace and presence is enough. The satisfaction and warmth of it both exhilarating and calming.


The thought that came during our prayer time in the training session became my focus all weekend.   God  desires to receive worship from all He creates. This weekend He  reached  down deep into every person-  past the physical or mental limitations of the body into the perfect spirit.  In those moments He released worship to Himself. I saw this happen over and over again  all weekend – even in myself.


I was honored and privileged to watch Him do this. Such moments turns ones perspective upside down and inside out.   What a great feeling.